PC’s and Laptops

We offer a range of software & hardware repairs in addition to upgrades and health checks. Check out some of the services we have to offer.
  • hdd
  • ram
  • plug
  • virus
  • Hard Drive Replacements/Upgrades
  • Memory Upgrades
  • Screen Replacements
  • DC Jack Repairs
  • System Diagnostics
  • + Lots More!
  • Full System Health Check
  • If your system is running slow or you think you may be infected with viruses or have any other software issues, we can offer a full system health check & clean up – We will also test your hardware to check there are no issues with your machine.
  • laptop-health
  • Reinstallation
  • hdd-refresh
  • If your system is too badly corrupted due to infections or any other reason or maybe you would just like a fresh start, we can reinstall your operating system for you. We will also include all updates & drivers and we will also include a free software bundle including an office package.
  • Data Backup & Recovery

If you need your information transferring from your old machine to a new one, we can do this for you. In some cases we can also back up your data even if your system is no longer booting. We have different types of data recovery available – Just get in touch for more details and pricing.

How we work.

1 All you need to do is drop your system in to us and let us know what problems you are having. We will give you an idea on how long we will need with it based on current workload and your individual issue. We will either quote you the job price at this point, or before any work is carried out so there are no surprise bills!

2 Once we have had a look at your system, we will confirm the work to be done and the price with you to check you are happy with us to continue. We will give you an approx time of completion at this point.

3 We will carry-out the agreed work and contact you once it has been completed.

Mobile Phones & Tablets

We can repair a range of phones & tablets - Often within the hour
  • Broken Screen Replacements
  • Digitizer/Touchscreen Repairs
  • New Batteries Fitted
  • Charging Socket Repairs
  • Replacement Buttons
  • Software Repairs
  • + Much More!
  • We can unlock most smartphones, tablets & broadband modems. Most phones can be unlocked within 10-20 minutes but some modern smartphones may take longer.

    Contact us for more details & pricing.
  • phone-unlock
Contact Us
  • iphone 5 series
    iPhone 5/5c & 5S Screens
    £40 Fitted
  • iphone 6 Repairs
    iPhone 6 Front Panels
    £55 Fitted
  • iPad Repairs
    iPad Touchscreens
    From £45 Fitted
  • Samsung Repairs
    Samsung Repairs
    From £35